Time just to be together, just to hear one another’s stories, catch up and enjoy one another–when these things happen at church, I call them “fellowship.” It is absolutely essential to healthy congregational life, and is frequently overlooked. “Coffee hour” is more important than most of us realize.


with Dr. Jenice View


While there are times in congregational life when it is entirely appropriate to have a meeting on a Sunday. I still recommend that worship celebration(s), religious education, and fellowship for all form the core of our activities that day.

I propose that we embrace the notion of Sabbath. Let us consider Sunday the day to feed our souls and delight our hearts.

Let us enjoy powerful worship. Let us learn about our faith and the life of the soul, spirit, body, and mind. And then let us learn more about one another. Let us hear one another’s stories and improve on the minister’s sermon. Let us share the coffee or the tea, and perhaps the pastries too. In the sharing, may we relax into relationship, into coming to know one another better, with no agenda other than the affection that is at the heart of our covenantal tradition.