The flame of truth we seek

Every one of us is a teacher-learner and a learner-teacher. That is to say, we are modeling, sharing, and teaching, just as we are absorbing, watching, and learning.  These are the experiences of teaching and learning, and we all participate.

As a minister, I am a religious educator. By nurturing excellent, transformative worship; by supporting deeply satisfying religious education for children, youth, and adults; and by encouraging my congregation to be a multigenerational learning community, I enact a religious education role.

This does not mean that the preaching minister takes over the role of designated religious education professional. It means that we have an obligation to collaborate in working towards a community that is not divided — children in the basement, adults in the sanctuary.

While both children and adults need time “to themselves,” time “in caucus,” we also need to be together. Honoring and navigating those separate and together times is part of my work—in concert with others–as a teacher-learner in a multigenerational learning community.

Let’s learn together!